Necessity of Video in Your Marketing Campaign

The Necessity of Video In Your Marketing Campaign

ImageYouTube, Google, Yahoo & MySpace are part of the growing video trend.  All of the giant online businesses are getting in on the action.  Even Twitter finally allowed video embedding.

Should you include Video Marketing as part of your marketing campaign?

There is clearly no way around it.  You can not exclude video in your marketing these days.

Video Marketing gives you the option to boost your marketing efforts because it reaches a wider audience. This is not limited to Viral Video.  Video has more dominance now than ever in search engines.  Google and others recognize that people stay on a website longer if video is on it.

The number of videos watched daily online is staggering.  And this number is climbing faster and higher every day.

Online video sharing and internet video marketing is obviously one of the best venues in which to engage your audience.  Most people you meet are going to be audio-visual learners.  They need to see and hear in order to get the message.  Free video allows you multilevel communication. Video can include speaking, moving picture, slideshows of still pictures, text and music.

How do I reach the Masses?

What makes videos so alluring is that they are free.

It is free to upload your video using the many video sharing sites.

Nothing comes from nothing.  The art form is in knowing your audience and knowing what they want to see.  Some businesses get away with boring video.  Most do not.

I am going to help you out with understanding th best marketing video concepts!

Creating a video has four interrelated parts. These parts are as follows:

  1. Content
  2. Metatags
  3. Thumbnails
  4. Promotion

These parts are necessary in how they communicate your message.  You message needs to have reach. Viral is Reach.

Content is what the video is about and how it portrays. It is your message. Content is the solution to the question of whatever your audience wants to know? This is also about the action you want your audience to take.  All of this comes off via the Production quality.  Whether the video is shot off a phone in your car or a $100,000 mini-commercial, there is a production value to take into consideration.

Metatags have to do with the text title of your video along with the keywords, descriptions, and categories that help people find it.

Thumbnail is important. It draws you in to click on the video.  This is like packaging, basically.

Promotion is basically Marketing.  The video must create an emotional connection with your target audience. While there are many ways to get your video on varied platforms, it really comes down to whether or not people want to watch it.  If your video is enticing, people will share it and the word will spread.

Video Marketing is one of the best ways currently to reach a wide audience. When done well, it is worth every penny of your investment.

Remember though, before making your own video or hiring someone to do it for you, it is essential to know what you want this video to do.  Who is your target audience and how will they relate to the video?  These are the most important questions to ask yourself and what your video producer will ask you as well.

So, once you’re ready to dig deeper, what is next?

1. Define Your Marketing Goal

2. Define Your Budget (will you be able to hire someone with creative vision and video skills?)

3. Start with a Script (a good video producer will help you with this as well)

4. Plan, Plan, Plan.  If hiring, your producer does this.  If on your own, don’t skip a single beat.

5. Lights.  Camera.  Action.  If you have the equipment, and you know what needs to be done, it’s time to get started.

One of my best experiences lately was discussing options with Matt Abraxas at New Focus Films who gave me ideas on how to get started on my own, and also enticed my marketing staff with ideas that his team could implement.  So, always consider at least consulting with the online video marketing professionals!

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn:

Researching what your audience likes to watch

How to get the Professional Shot on a Low Budget

Optimizing Video for Search Engine Ranking

Where to Hire Cheap Editors for the Video

Free SEO Consultation that typically costs $1000 per hour.

How to Juice Up Your Video with something Creative

So hopefully this helps you in making your decisions.   Once again, we’ll stress the value (if you’re on a budget) to go with a new marketing firm as they will likely work with you for a smaller fee.

We are hiring New Focus Films for under $5,000 which after a lot of our homework and to get done what we want done is a great deal.  Of course, as the proof is in the pudding, we’ll be posting the results in time when they come in.


Video Marketing Is Everywhere and For Good Reason

Video Marketing Is Everywhere and For Good Reason

Video Marketing ReasonsVideo Marketing seems to be everywhere lately. It ranges from iphone uploads to million dollar commercials. Looking into the world of real video marketing producers like New Focus Films, I’ve found that creativity goes a long way.

I’ve been wondering what is video marketing. I also want to know exactly what it can do for my internet marketing needs.


After researching this a little, I want to share what I’ve found most important about video marketing and how to go about getting it done.


Let’s start!


Video Marketing Explained


Video marketing is the use of video to market anything. Very simple, right?


Well, it gets more complicated once you want an actual video completed.


The most basic form of video marketing is the age-old advertisement. Commercials on TV are commonplace.


In order to determine how to make use of video to improve your internet business, it is important to know what exactly video can and can not achieve.


Benefits of Video Marketing


Video is easily viewed. It holds the attention of your audience better than text can. It entertains the ever-waning attention of today’s internet users.


Videos have the ability to showcase your company’s qualities.   People want to be entertained while finding trust in businesses, and video is the perfect way to do this.


Video is viewed more regularly than text. In an email, a video is more likely to be opened up. On search results, video is by far more likely to be clicked on.

Video helps business by showing rather than telling. If you sell flowers, wouldn’t it be more effective to see the flowers and then see someone’s reactions when buying or receiving the flowers than just a lot of text and a few photos telling?


Duplicate content limits trouble online internet business owners. People stealing content and reposting it without giving credit can cause harm to web businesses by diminishing the value in search engines. With video, this isn’t a problem. In fact, if others embed or share your video, it only helps you.



ReBranding. If you are seeking to grow your customer base and be seen in a new way, video can be a tremendous help in finding the new creative edge.


Google rewards videos in the search results. Google owns YouTube, so it’s not surprising.


Video makes it possible for a internet business to be able to reach their target audience in a way that no other medium provides.


Video gives your online business a voice and it gives the audience a personality to connect with.


Video Boosts Sharing and Communication.


Customers are no longer merely the receiver of knowledge online, but they now can participate in it.


They provide information. They share the video and they interact about it.


YouTube proves that people love to share videos when they find them helpful or entertaining.


Videos are frequently shared and viewed on cell phones.


Many leading businesses on the web create video-sharing technology. Companies like CNN find video extremely useful, obviously.


Giant conglomerate sites like Facebook and Twitter offer thousands of widgets made just for viewing and sharing video.


Video marketing has the potential to instantly become one of the most important assets in your online marketing strategy.


Video marketing is fast becoming a cornerstone in a strong marketing strategy.