Some of My Latest Favorite Videos

Some of My Latest Favorite Videos

As a connoisseur of the art of video, I watch a lot of video.  I mean, a lot of video.

I spend a few hours every day on YouTube and Vimeo, and if I didn’t have to work, eat or sleep, I’d easily spend a lot more.

While the billions of hours watched on YouTube are made up of the full global community, I know that I personally am making a dent in that number on my own.

So, with all this video watching I do, what comes of it?  Well, other than an occasional headache and an absent social life, what comes of it is the fair consideration that I am now a bit of an expert on current video.  Especially video marketing.

Most of what I watch has a promotional angle to it.

What I love the most are the videos that are promotional in a subtle way but mostly entertain.

For example, from New Focus Films, comes this beautiful video that calls us to get out of the house and enjoy life.  In fact, because of this video, I actually left my house two weeks ago and explored the beach again.  I live only 22 miles from the coast, yet I hardly bother anymore to even look west (I live in California, so the coast is west).

In any case, I went to the beach and loved every moment of the irritating sand in my shoes and bright sun on my face.  So, watch this video yrouself and see what it does for you.  Maybe you’ll be jumping on a plane with the company in the commercial, Ocean First Travel (www.OceanFirst.Blue) and going on one of their exotic adventure travel vacations.

In fact, another video by New Focus Films that appears to be for the same client, Ocean First, is this travel documentary of some kids scuba diving in Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman with Ocean First and Kent School from New Focus Films on Vimeo.

Another spectacular travel film by the inspiring, young Marko Roth.  Some guys seem to figure out what they are meant to be doing with their lives early on, and Mr. Roth is a perfect example of this.  His work is consistently gorgeous and intriguing.

for that moment in the Caribbean. from Marko Roth on Vimeo.

Another great video, and one from a while back, is the trailer advertisement for the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  What sets this video apart is not just the fast impact, but how each shot is perfectly composed to set you up for the next shot.  It’s very well thought out, and edited to perfection.

While this next video isn’t really that attractive, it ranks well online which stands for something, maybe a glitch in Google?  Nah, it’s because the video does the job that every video is truly meant to do: it communicates it’s message effectively.

Finally, without any more long-winded rants on why each of the following videos are so great, I just want to list out a bunch more commercials and video marketing pieces that I’ve especially loved lately.